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Corporate Social Responsibility

Optris GmbH is taking corporate social responsibility very seriously.
We are voluntarily active to guarantee a reduction of our companies influence on the environment through our social contribution. We therefore ensure safe working places for our employees and guarantee a high standard of qualification and competencies for our costumers and distributors. To secure our company quality, we are accredited DIN ISO 9001 since 2009.  

For our environment

We aim to reduce the negative ecological effects of our daily work. Due to our worldwide alignment, it is important to pack our products appropriate for dispatch so they do not receive damages during transportation. We are only using recyclable packaging for our products to preserve the environment.

Our employees

As a medium-sizes company, our employees are very important to us. Further education of our employees plays an essential role. We support student trainees, trainees writing their diploma thesis as well as apprentice trainings. We are very keen in supporting our employees regarding advanced trainings. 

Optris for the community

Our commitment in the community is an important part of our corporate social responsibility.
As a regional company, located in Berlin, it is important to us to work closely with local people. Therefore we are working together with regional supplier and have successfully handed out construction and packaging work to workshops for the handicapped in Berlin Pankow. 
Optris has been awarded the winner of the 'Innovation Award Industry' of the initiative for medium-sized companies in 2007 for the innovative development of the optris CTlaser.
Since summer 2009 we are supporting students of the Racing Teams from TU Bergakademie Freiberg throughout their development of a racing car prototype. We provided sensors for the optimization of the tire temperature. 

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